AI Assistant for Business Analyst

making it easier and faster for business analysts and other specialists like UI/UX designers to analyze text,
and to generate mockup forms, SQL script and UML diagrams in a minute.

AI Assistant

An AI Assistant that allows, through artificial intelligence automate some part of analysts and UI/UX designers day-to day work relating to text.

Features of the AI Assistant

Extracting information from natural language to build an information system
Structuring information by category and building project metadata in accordance with industry best practice
Generating prototypes of visual project diagrams, database and business process diagrams
Analysing of statement and requirements for completeness
Assistance in the preparation of project documentation by automating the formation of standard texts
Quick and easy way to create an MVP for a proposed solution

As the name suggests, the AI Assistant is for assisting and not completely replacing human task. Reducing the time needed to execute some tasks. Currently, the AI is able to analyze several texts and generate mockup forms, SQL scripts and UML diagrams. We are still developing the product to understand and analyze more texts.


Mockup forms (both list and edit forms)
Class diagram

How it works

The AI Assistant is presented on demo-page.

The text should be inserted at corresponding field.

Then it is send for processing to AI-algorithm. And the result is presented to the user.

The result sometimes is displayed immediately. Then there will be a list of generated mockups: list form and edit form for each recognized class.

The result sometimes is sent to the specified e-mail later.


Flexible and easy to master the instrument
Ability for the AI Assistant to adapt to specific tasks of your company
Using different scenarios – analysis, design formulation of statements, etc.
Designing according to industry best practice and requirements

Wнy are we?

Working in collaboration with scientists and AI experts
Deeper understanding of business analyst problems because of a close working with analyst from our partnering companies.
A decade experience in developing complex applications and services for IT industry